Wingham Country Club

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Project Description

Wingham Country Club

Wingham is a lovely historic timber town on the banks of the Manning River.

A fantastic golf course setting surrounds our latest village project. Located in the beautiful Manning Valley, Wingham is a lovely historic timber town on the banks of the Manning River. The village green is surrounded by National Trust-listed Federation buildings. And a nature reserve is a lush oasis of subtropical lowland rainforest, including giant Moreton Bay figs.

The hinterland town on the mid NSW North Coast is within easy reach of spectacular beaches and national parks. The countryside around Wingham has rich farmland amid rolling hills.

Wingham is a charming rural service centre which has remained largely unchanged by the tourism which has dramatically altered the townships along the coast. Wingham is the oldest town in the Manning Valley. Like many towns away from the coast it was first settled by cedar cutters and, after the cedar ran out, the surrounding countryside was settled by dairy farmers and beef cattle breeders. Today Wingham’s location on the Manning River means that it is a popular location for people eager to enjoy boating, canoeing, swimming, fishing and water skiing .

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